Quality Ferrous & Non Ferrous
Instrument Fittings  

Sunlight Metal Industries Fittings are designed for Instrumentation and Process Control System Tubing, Double Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings are provided for leak proof, torque free seal at all tubing connections, and eliminates costly hazardous leaks in process and instrumentation tubing lines,Sunlight Metal also manufacture Single Compression Type Fittings.
Sunlight Metal Industries offers Single Ferrule, Double Ferrule type Male / Female Connectors, Unions, Bulk Head Unions, Cross, Elbow, Tee, Tube Plug and Tube Cap in various sizes.
Sunlight Metal Industries ” has designed a range of heavy duty tube fittings in a variety of materials to provide secure zero leak joints on thin or thick wall tubes. Available in Metric outside diameters ranging from 6 to 50 mm. Series of ferrule design include single or twin ferrule in stainless steel, olive shaped single ferrule or twin ferrule in brass and single ferrule bite or progressive type in carbon steel.

Use : Bronze : Long life protection against sea water corrosion and hostile marine environment.

Carbon Steel : High pressure hydraulic applications.

Brass : Pneumatic, high pressure water and steam lines.

Maximum Working Pressure :
6000 PSI (400 bar) in Carbon Steel
4000 PSI (300 bar) in Brass

M.O.C: SS304, SS316, Brass, Monel & Teflon.

1/8” to 1” OD (Suitable for Tube End)
4mm to 25mm OD (Suitable for Tube End)

End Connections: NPT / BSP / BSPT / UNF

Rating: Up to 6000 PSI.

Pipe Fittings  

Sunlight Metal Industries ” Forged Pipe Fittings : “Process” and “Instrumentation”
End Connections : 1/2” to 2 ˝” Male and Female threaded or Butt, Socket weldable ends.
Available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
Working Pressure: 6000 PSI (400 bars)
Precision Pipe Fittings for Instrumentation are available in many combinations of shapes and sizes which reduces the number of fittings needs in the system.
Materials : Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Monel and Brass.
End Connections : 1/8” to 1” NPT, BSP Male or Female threaded, Butt, Socket and tube weldable ends.
Maximum Working Pressure :
6000PSI (400bar) (Carbon Steel and Brass)
10000 PSI (700 bar) (Stainless Steel, Monel and Alloy Steel)

Pipe Fittings
Hex Reducing Nipple HexLongNipple Long Nipple Reducing Adapter Adapter  
Coupling coupling S.W Type Reducing Coupling S.W Type Reducing Adapter Special coupling  
Female Elbow Male Elbow Street Elbow Female Tee Male Tee  
Pipe Cap Pipe Plug  
Tube Fittings
Male Connector Female Connector Bulk Head Male Connector Bulk Head Female Connector Male Pipe Weld Connector  
Union Union Tee Union Croos Bulk Head Union Reducing Union  
Male Run Tee Male Branch Tee Male Adaptor Female Adaptor Nut  
Reducer Bulk Head Reducer Tube Cap TubePlug Elbow Union  
Female Elbow Male Elbow